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BC Technical Center, LLC dba BC Engineered Products is a small business with significant capability and reach. Our company provides engineering, product development, and manufacturing services to consumer, industrial, and to United States Government Agencies, including the Department of Defense and all branches of our Military. 

BC Engineered Products offers comprehensive services including testing, engineering, reverse engineering, manufacturing, parts supply, and product development to commercial, industrial, and military customers. We develop technical data packages in accordance with MIL-STD-31000 and have saved the DoD millions of dollars in parts acquisition costs while increasing its supply chain strength. 

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BC Engineered Products is a family-owned, United States-based small business. Our unique size combines large-company resources and capabilities with small-company personal attention and responsiveness. We faithfully serve our clients, including the Department of Defense, the Defense Logistics Agency, and all branches of the Military.

Client Feedback

Robins Air Force Base, GA
Robins Air Force Base

If BC treats every customer in the same manner this contract went, and that is part of your business model, then do not change that.

Program Manager, Robins AFB

Feedback, for me it is a tossup between how well BC communicated throughout the contract and the sheer speed at which you guys executed drawings to manufacturing a finished product “only” a year ahead of schedule. After you (Mark) and Damon left this last time, I was thinking of all the consumer stuff you guys mentioned on top of the DoD contracts, and it is hard to believe BC is a small company even by DLA standards. The perception you guys project is that the customer is the only project you are working on, or you have 200 engineers locked in the basement hard at it. 

If BC treats every customer in the same manner this contract went, and that is part of your business model, then do not change that. And your next business model would be to teach the DoD how to do that.

I will say I have come back to these three or four times trying to respond in a timely manner similar to how you treat our office, but we tend to be task saturated, and yes, many times, it felt like we were your only customer. 12 July, we have a meeting with a vendor that tells us they prioritize other “more profitable” contracts and that is why they are 6 months late and will probably be 6 more months. And the AF puts up with this because everyone is convinced, they are the only game in town; this is why your briefing was so well received and why Hector was shocked when I said your part of the B-11 effort was a year ahead of schedule.